Wijo + dealers = extremely satisfied customers

We just take some things for granted. Like roof drainage being part of life, and that we do everything we can for manufactures or sellers of steel sheeting.

In our factory we pride ourselves on always delivering top quality. And our logistics wizard makes sure you get your deliveries exactly when you need them, regardless of whether you are in Sweden or somewhere else in Europe.

Because that´s the important thing. You need to have the products when the customer needs them. And they need to be protected from that (wonderful) rain.

We are there for you when it rains

And it´s just as important that we keep our promises, that the actual roof drainage is exactly what we promised - that makes us the perfect partner for you.

We usually say they we are best at cooperation - and by that we mean the reliable deliveries, the flexible production, and the personal service you get when you work with us.

We are now looking for new dealers. Together we can make sure that house owners enjoy the rain just as much as we do!

We are looking for resellers

We are constantly looking for new resellers to cover al of Sweden.
Are you interested in selling our products?

Vi letar återförsäljare