A lot of water

Roof drainage is about protecting your house from water and particularly conducting water away from the house and foundations. Sometimes the rainwater runs from the down pipe directly onto the ground around the house. This constantly exposes the base of the house and the cellar walls to a major source of damp and increases the risk of mould and damp problems in the foundations and cellar.

Every millimetre of rain is equivalent to one litre of water per square metre. So 20 mm in a day adds up to 20 litres per square metre. With a roof of 150 m2, that is 3000 litres of water to take care of. A downpour of 50 mm on the same roof generates 7500 litres to handle in just one hour.

Wijo roof drainage system is developed to allow you to lead rain and melt water away simply and effectively. Optimum design and installation ensure that Wijo roof drainage system minimizes the risk of water and damp damaging walls and foundations.

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