The roof drainage system of Wijo is designed and produced in Sweden to meet the requirements of the harsh Nordic climate.

With a large variety of colours in 3 different gutter dimensions and 4 different downpipe dimensions you always have an aesthetic and functional solution for your building. Whether you build new or re-build, you find the appropriate accessories for your installation. The Wijo system range more than 1800 individual items. All made out of GreenCoat RWS from SSAB.

Even the hooks and accessories are made from the same material. Thereby the whole system will have the same surface finish as your gutter and downpipe and all the parts will have the same luster year after year.

The components in the system are innovated and continuously developed in co-operation with professional installers. Ensuring you will have the right products for a long-life secured installation of real craftsmanship.

You do not need any special tools for assembling the system. You also do not need to solder or glue any parts together. Therefore the installation will be lean in a cost-efficient way.

All components in the system are designed to fulfill the highest requirements according to the European standard EN 612 and EN 1462. Thereof you will be assured that we do not compromise with the quality at any stage.

GreenCoat RWS is a high-built polyester which does not contain any hazardous PVC. Hence you will use a material in harmony with our nature.