Wijo roof drainage system is manufactured with Swedish steel developed for roof drainage systems - GreenCoat RWS.

For withstanding corrosion it is of importance that the steel core and its protective zinc-barrier are of a proven quality.

The steel core is protected by a 20 µm thick zinc layer (275g/m2). The zinc layer is self repairing. Thereby the zinc layer will repair itself when the material has been cut during installation.

The colour coating gives the aesthetic quality. Our material has been pre-painted with a high-built polyester (HBP), which compared to ordinary polyester or Plastisol has an improved blend that resists higher ultraviolet sunshine and higher temperatures. Thus the finish of the gutter will be more colour proof.

By combining the galvanized steel core with the HBP-coating the material have a very good protection against corrosion, much better than ordinary polyester-coating and much better aesthetic performances than plastisol-coated systems

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