Patented gutter hook

The advantages with pressed gutter hook from Wijo are several:

  • Higher aesthetic quality. Wijo's hook has the same surface treatment as other products within the roof drainage system, by manufacturing it in the same type of material as the other products. Thus the whole drainage system will have the same surface nuance. The hook is as colour proof as the gutter.
  • Longer durability. Wijo´s hook has a floating and self-repairing zinc cover with as good quality as the other parts in the gutter system.
  • Non-cracking. The surface treatment as well as the zinc layer is smooth when bending the hook. Thus neither the surface, nor the zinc cover will crack when bending the hook.
  • Extremely strong. Wijo's pressed hook fulfils the highest requirements following the standard EN612. A gutter hook is allowed to deform 5 mm maximum when, simplified described, the hooks are put under 75 kg pressure during a normalized stress cycle. The pressed hook from Wijo deforms less than half a millimetre. This is important hence wet snow or a ladder leaned against the gutter will put the gutter under heavy load.
  • Pressed hook of Aluzinc. The same hook as above is also available in Aluzinc.
  • The pressed hook from Wijo is available in different lengths as 70 mm, 160 mm, 210 mm and the extra long hook of 320 mm for roofs with high roof pitch. All hooks have a fastening clip in the front. In the back end the hook has a joint support or fastening clip.
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