Colours for your roof drainage

In the table below you will find the colours our roof drainage products are available in. Since the steel we use are colour coated (HBP-coating) before we work with it, we cannot offer other colours than what is in our standard stock. An alternative in case you still want another colour is to choose *aluzinc® and then paint the products yourself, though the finished result will probably not be the same as with our standard colours.

All colours except *aluzinc® is build the same way and are pre-painted with high-built polyester. *Aluzinc® is built in a different manner and have a coating of aluminium and zinc, instead of HBP. The resistance against corrosion is at least as good with *aluzinc® as for steel coated with HBP.

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We have tried to represent the colours as close to reality as possible, but we recommend that you order steel samples from your dealer or directly from us to get an exact colour match.

WIJO Colour code describes the figure to complete the Product code in the product pages. The first digit is the first digit in the product code and the second indicates what the letter in the product code should be replaced with.

*Aluzinc® is a registered trademark of ArcelorMittal Dudelange S.A.