How do you dimenions the roof drainage for your house? How many downpies do you need? What downfall should the gutter have? What distance should it be between the gutter hooks?

There are many questions need to ask yourself when you are changing or building new roof drainage for you house or real estate. We compile the most important things to think about for a common house and for a bigger real estate.

Roof angle

Gutters – diameter where roof pitch α < 45º

Nominal gutter diameter (mm) 100 125 150
Max roof area per downpipe 75 m2 125 m2 200 m2

Downpipes – diameter where roof pitch α < 45º

Nominal pipe diameter (mm) 75 87 100 110
Max roof area per downpipe 80 m2 125 m2 180 m2 230 m2

Downfall gutter

The gutter should have a downfall of 3-5 mm/m along the foot of the roof.

Number of downpipes

The hooks are placed at 60 cm intervals on a slope. The first and last hooks are installed approx. 10 cm from the end of the gutter.

Slope fall in one direction

In houses up to 10 m, the slope falls away in one direction.

Slope fall in two directions

In longer buildings, a double slope is formed, i.e. you make a high point between two downpipes (total length 20 m) and make the gutter slope from the high point down towards each of the downpipes. Please check the installation guide too.

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