The downpipe is used to lead the water in a controlled manner to a shoe in order to lead the water away from the foundation of the house.

Our downpipes are manufactured completely automatically. From plain steel sheet the pipe is formed, folded together and then cut in the right length. One end of the down pipe is shrunk to easily extend the pipe with another. This shrunk part you will normally not use as it is only intended to be used if you need to extend a pipe. All other parts with connects with the downpipe are instead widened in order to fit the downpipe.

Down pipe is also known as down pipe, drain pipe, downspout or leader.

The shrunk part of the pipe is only used for connecting another pipe and is therefor mostly cut off.


Our downpipes are manufactured in standard lengths 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 metre. Contact us for special lengths.



The product is available in all colours.

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Red 758
Brown 387
Tile red
Silver metallic
Dark Silver metallic
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Remember to mount the correct number of pipes in regard to the size of the roof you will cover. You can read more about this under dimensioning or in the installation guide which can be downloaded here on the right.

When you place the pipe in the pipe wrap, make sure you turn the seam outwards. That way the pipe wrap will fit better around the pipe and you can easier see if the pipe has been damaged after winter stresses.

When you assembly the pipes together with pipe bends you can think that they won't fit together. Same goes for mounting the pipe wrap around the pipe.

Our idea is that you shouldn't need any extra material to hold the pieces together. They should fit very tight. That way the whole system is made in the same material and will age the same and will look very good without any extra screws or rivets.

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The column Product code show our article number where 'x' is replaced with a number for color

The standard packaging is according to the table below. Contact us for optional packaging sizes.

Dimension 75 mm
Lenght Pcs/box Product code
rm 2 x415x0
2 m 2 x415x2
2,5 m 2 x415x7
3 m 2 x415x3
4 m 2 x415x4
5 m 2 x415x5
6 m 2 x415x6
Dimension 90 mm
Dimension (mm) Pcs/box Product code
rm 2 x015x0
2 m 2 x015x2
2,5 m 2 x015x7
3 m 2 x015x3
4 m 2 x015x4
5 m 2 x015x5
6 m 2 x015x6
Dimension 100 mm
Lenght Pcs/box Product code
rm 2 x215x0
2 m 2 x215x2
2,5 m 2 x215x7
3 m 2 x215x3
4 m 2 x215x4
5 m 2 x215x5
6 m 2 x215x6
Dimension 110 mm
Lenght Pcs/box Product code
rm 2 x315x0
2 m 2 x315x2
2,5 m 2 x315x7
3 m 2 x315x3
4 m 2 x315x4
5 m 2 x315x5
6 m 2 x315x6