The shoe is used to throw the water onto the ground away from the building foundation.

We can also supply sharp shoes on demand. The sharp shoe looks good on older houses, but as it is a special product we order ourselves upon request, the delivery time is longer.

The shoe is mounted on the downpipe without the shrunk part.



The product is available in all colours. The sharp shoe is manufactured from galvanized steel and is painted afterwards. This means that there can be some difference in colour compared to our other products that are manufactured from pre-painted steel.

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Red 758
Brown 387
Tile red
Silver metallic
Dark Silver metallic
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The shoe is mounted in the end of the downpipe. Remember that the shrunk part of the downpipe is only used to lengthen pipes. All other product connections should be done without the shrunk part.

You can read more about this in the installation guide which is available for download in the tab documents.

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The column Product code show our article number where 'x' is replaced with a number for colors

Model 70°
Dimension (mm) Pcs/box Product code
75 25 x4191x
90 20 x0191x
100 15 x2191x
110 10 x3191x
Model 70° sharp
Dimension (mm) Pcs/box Product code
75 - x4196x
90 - x0196x
100 - x2196x
110 - x3196x