Nail & screw for stone wall

Nail and screw are used together with pipe wrap stone to secure the pipe wrap in a concrete or brick wall.

The nails are available in many different lengths. Remember to use the length of nail that suits your wall. The screw is only available in one length and assumes an additionally isolated wall.

Nails or screws can also be delivered together with the pipe wraps which is most common on a smaller order.



The product is galvanized.

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You can read more about this in the installation guide which is available for download in the tab documents.

Watch the assembly video


The table below shows pieces per box when you order nail/screw separatly.

Model Nail
Lenght (mm) Pcs/box Product code
125 200 000020
150 200 000021
175 200 000022
200 200 000023
250 100 000024
300 50 000025
Model Screw
Lenght (mm) Pcs/box Product code
210 200 000030