Byggmax stores has a limited selection of Wijo's products. You will find dimension 125/90 mm in black & white of the most common accessories in a roof drainage system. In some stores also silvermetallic is available. Through the website you can order more colors.

About the company

Byggmax idea is simple, we offer building products with good quality at a low cost both for DIY and professionals. We have over 100 warehouses in the Nordic. The warehouses are mostly self-service and as customer you load and pack yourself the building material in our drive-in. As support and help you find lots of information, instructions and inspiration on our website and in our app. In the warehouses you will find a popular basic supply of products to build, renovate and decorate your house or apartment. Our e-shop complements our warehouses by offering an extended selection of products with thousands more building products which you as customer can order with home delivery.