Pipe bend

The pipe bend is used as a connection to the gutter outlet and also between the intermediate pipe and downpipe by the house wall.

Our pipe bend is shaped as a soft bend with 70° angle. But we can also arrange sharp pipe bends in 70° angle, though with longer delivery time.



The product is available in all colors. 

The sharp pipe bends are manufactured in galvanized steel and painted afterwards. This means that it can be some difference in colour compared to our other products which are manufactured in pre-painted steel.

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Red 758
Brown 387
Tile red
Silver metallic
Dark Silver metallic
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The pipe bend is narrower in one end to fit inside the downpipe/intermediate pipe and wider in the other end to fit over the intermediate pipe/gutter outlet.

The upper pipe bend is mounted on the gutter outlet which is conically shaped so the pipe bend fits tight.

Pipe bend and intermediate pipe

Measure the distance between the pipe bend ends. Cut the intermediate pipe about 12 cm longer than the distance between the pipe bends. The intermediate pipe is put into the lower pipe bend and over the upper pipe bend. Then mount the downpipe (the shrunk part is only used to lengthen a downpipe).

You can read more about this in the installation guide which is available for download here on the right.

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Model 70°
Dimension (mm) Pcs/box Product code
75 25 x430x0
90 20 x030x0
100 16 x230x0
110 12 x330x0
Model 70° sharp
Dimension (mm) Pcs/box Product code
75 - x430x1
90 - x030x1
100 - x230x1
110 - x330x1