Gutter outlet

The gutter outlet is the part that connects the gutter with the downpipe. Our gutter outlet is made to blend in with the rest of the system and at the same time have a tight fitting with all parts.

Be careful to buy the correct dimension of this product. You must purchase one that fits both the dimension of the gutter and the dimension of the downpipe.

. You can see possible dimensions under the button "Packaging".


Possible combination of dimensions is primarily depending on the dimension of the gutter and is described as gutter/downpipe.

Gutter 100 mm

Possible dimensions are 100/75 & 100/90.

Gutter 125 mm

Possible dimensions are 125/75, 125/90 & 125/100.

Gutter 150 mm

Possible dimensions are 150/75, 150/90, 150/100 & 150/110.



The product is available in all colours.

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Red 758
Brown 387
Tile red
Silver metallic
Dark Silver metallic
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Remember that you may not use a grinder when you make the hole in the gutter. Either use a hacksaw or shears.

You can read more about this in the installation guide which is available for download under the tab documents.

Watch the assembly video


The column Product code show our article number where 'x' is replaced with a number for color.

Dimension (mm) Pcs/box Product code
100/75 25 x4160x
100/90 25 x4161x
125/75 25 x0160x
125/90 25 x0161x
125/100 24 x0162x
150/75 20 x1160x
150/90 20 x1161x
150/100 20 x1162x
150/110 20 x1163x