This is the part which is mounted at the base of the roof to collect rain water from the roof to lead it away from the house in a controlled manner through a downpipe. We can manufacture gutters in any length up to 6 meters. In the table below you can see the standard lengths that we normally always have a small amount of in stock.

Larger volumes are always produced against order. The whole manufacturing process is fully automated from the flat steel sheet which enters the machine to the complete gutter, wrapped in plastic bags and loaded in a crate.


Our gutters are manufactured in standard lengths 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 meter. Contact us for special lengths.



The product is available in all colours.

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Red 758
Brown 387
Tile red
Silver metallic
Dark Silver metallic


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When you install the gutter and gutter hooks, make sure that you get adequate tilt so the water doesn't stand still in the gutter. You can read more about this under dimensioning or in the installation guide which can be downloaded here on the right.

If the roof is longer than 10 meters you will need a downpipe on both sides of the gutter. In that case the gutter should be highest in the middle and fall against the downpipes. Before you mount the gutter in the gutter hooks you must make a hole in the gutter to lead the water through a gutter outlet. This is easiest done by measuring how far from the end the downpipe should be. Cut two diagonal cuts so you get an opening of about 10 cm. Fold down the edges into the gutter outlet to get the optimal drainage.

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The column Product code show our article number where 'x' is replaced with a numer for colour.

Dimension 100 mm
Lenght Pcs/box Product code
rm 5 x401x0
2 m 5 x401x2
3 m 5 x401x3
4 m 5 x401x4
5 m 3 x401x5
6 m 3 x401x6
Dimension 125 mm
Lenght Pcs/box Product code
rm 4 x101x0
2 m 4 x101x2
3 m 4 x101x3
4 m 4 x101x4
5 m 3 x101x5
6 m 3 x101x6
Dimension 150 mm
Lenght Pcs/box Product code
rm 2 x215x0
2 m 2 x215x2
2,5 m 2 x215x7
3 m 2 x215x3
4 m 2 x215x4
5 m 2 x215x5
6 m 2 x215x6